Book Cover

Wonder by R. J. Palacio, Penguin


The concept of my cover design is about support and courage. Wonder is a book that speaks about fearing the different, extreme kindness and bravery in the kid's world. Bullying is such an important issue in our society.

The courage with which Auggie faces the difficulties because of his appearance, has a lot to teach us all. The outward appearance has never been more important than the inner one. To enhance the powerful story, I chose this drawing technique along with the font choice. The colour choice reflects the energy, dynamism and joy of Auggie’s life story. 

Rebranding & Advertising

Bounce n'Shake


Rebranding Bounce protein energy balls in protein energy drinks; Bounce n'Shake. Also includes an advertising campaign which focuses on 3 simple aspects; healthiness, being active and fun.

Rebranding & Advertising

EM & Elderly Moving Assist


Rebranding Moving Assist company based in New Zealand.