Diversity + Inclusivity by Design

Exhibition Design 2019.

This project has invited a group of Cypriot design researchers across the United Kingdom to explore the theme “Diversity and Inclusivity by Design: Empowering Individuals” and through extensive research to produce a piece of work with which they will participate in a group exhibition, which will be part of the prestigious London Design Festival 2019.

Tasks: Designing a Website, campaigns, space layout, creating an Identity, designing a catalogue, posters and labels. 

Dr Anastasios Maragiannis, Dr Marios Psaras, Mala Siamptani, Maya Angeli, Alina Dheere Babaletsos, Alexandros Kosmidis, Maria Papaleontiou, Dr Stacey Pitsillides, Magdalene Theodorou, Mala Siamptani, Hakim Ben Ahmed  and Giuglia Romagnoli.